Smart and Brown (Machine Tools)
Smart and Brown (Machine Tools)

System L Lathe

System 'L' is a concept providing a comprehensive collection of precision engineered modules which can be assembled into a lathe of different configurations to suit customers machining requirements.


The 'L' lathe can be tailored for precision turning or second operation production work. Smart & Brown 'L' lathes can be supplied with 12 spindle speeds from 150 to 3000 r.p.m. forward and reverse. A 4:1 reduction is immediately available by motor switching and an automatic brake provides spindle stop. Alternatively a 3 speed non reversing drive can be supplied. Other drive motor configurations are available on request. 


All attachments are fully interchangeable making it possible to convert your machine to any other 'L' type configurations very rapidly. Equipment can be supplied and fitted to handle a wide variety of components.

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